Where to go together in Petersburg. The romantic dates in Saint Petersburg.


Where to go together in Petersburg. The romantic dates in Saint Petersburg.
Do you want to take a love interest to a special date in Saint Petersburg?
So leave everything — it’s time for real fun! It’s like something unforgettable — looking for unique places, proposal on a beautiful roof or tour of city?
These are sights by all means worth taking — the Bronze horseman, monument to Peter I, was created at the behest of Catherine II, who wanted to honor the memory of her predecessor. Interestingly, it is not actually made of copper, only bronze — it owes the name to Alexander Pushkin, who described it in one of his great works.

Then proceed to visiting the battleship Aurora:
On November 7, 1917, a shot was launched from the cannon, which signaled the start of an assault on Winter Palace. The ship is known for this most, but in addition to participating in this extremely important event, it took part in the battle of Tsushima in 1905, during World Wars it was damaged and sank. Afterwards, Aurora was excavated, renovated and transformed into a museum and permanently moored at the Great Neva in St. Petersburg.

The Peter and Paul Fortress is the oldest building in the city, the construction of which was supervised by tsar himself. The building was to defend against Swedish warships, but it never fulfilled this function. Inside the fortress there is the Council of Saint Peter and Paul, and in it — there are tombs of many tsars, from Peter I to Nicholas II.

Saint Petersburg is unique in many respects and it was declared by UNESCO the eighth largest city in the world in terms of tourist attractiveness. Whoever was not there yet should make up for it as soon as possible!
Dating is meant to be fun. An adventure that will be remembered for a long time. Therefore, the process is best to start by thinking about what for the person with whom you want to spend the meeting is entertaining. Something active in the fresh air or does she rather wanna wrap in a cosy blanket? Maybe she’s more into flights and then an impressive date on a plane will satisfy her for definite? The night flight on the plane is on offer starting from 120 euros.

We do offer irresistible options for your successful date such as taking both of you into a castle (from 310) or a lighthouse (327) – each will remember and value this for many years ahead.

An amazing evening in a picturesque mansion with a superb view on the Finnish Gulf starts from 260 euros upwards — and it is fully worth that price.

You just need to opt for non-standard solutions – and we shall by all means help out. To make it easier, we will open the secrets of our offer box and show how many options you one choose from whithout limits. For instance, 260 euros only will cost a date in a bridge tower!

Also, we are delighted to offer a nice date in a greenhouse (from 265 euros): do you want to feel like in the middle of an Indiana Jones movie? Hop on the car to our greenhouse and find its awesome romantic atmosphere amidst flowers and fragrant plants — nice journeys and adventures will belong to both of you!

Beside, dating your love interest on a roof like in France will only cost you from 50 euros!

Or, by way of variety — do you dream of truly romantic and peaceful time in Petersburg? Take the steps towards our castle and let yourself be enveloped in the smell of a hot apple pie, candles and tasty drinks. The castle’s restaurant serves a lot of delicious meals to choose from, and choosing a place in the castle you can enjoy your dinner together at a decorated table, illuminated with mood lighting. Yet another evening — and the most hospitable restaurant will welcome both of you. It will be funny, refreshing and surprising. You will receive the most from that. An interesting point of the program may also be an exclusive live music concert or the romantic surroundings.
Also, there are quite a few other superb offers – come over and reveal all of them – and you’ll never regret your choice!
Or, for instance, is an artistic date something that plays in your soul? Wear warm clothes and go visit beautiful parks of the city – we shall take care of all arrangements indeed — picturesque parks in Petersburg are delightful with their atmosphere and pleasant smells.
Do you want to prepare a remarkable gift for your precious? Believe me, you’ll truly impress her. Take her on a flight by helicopter. That is not cheap, but she will sit there with a pleasurable smile on her face and all the time will pass in the best way possible, perfume she’ll wear will always remind her and yourself of this interesting flight. A helicopter ride (from 260 euros) will bring you high up into the air and both of you will see the beauty of Petersburg — most unforgettable, you bet!

It is said that active dates are bringing the two of you closer together. You practice, sweat, laugh at each other. If you feel and enjoy the spirit, put on helmets and get ready for the roller skates or other energetic activities on a stadium (from 1700 euros). We will be able to find you a rollercoaster, too. If only you wish so – or you can go on roller- and ice-skates in beautiful ambiance as well!

If you prefer swimming together and keen on new experiences — decide on a date in the swimming-pool (from 120). You will get goggles and fins that will enable you to enter the welcoming water together. Just remember to propose to her while in the water and swim alongside each other. This will be remembered for a longer while in the future.
We strive to prepare an ideal date for both of you – remember that women learn from emotionality and are always waiting for the male initiative. We will help you take her somewhere where she has never been. Let her feel like a princess. If it is a nice restaurant – a romantic dinner by candlelight will be combined with a polite ritual of invitation, expectation and romance, and we’ll provide all the right scenery, which is not only the candles, but also a table in a secluded place, elegant dishes served in a sophisticated manner, festive costumes, often even makeup and hairstyles. All this contributes to the image of the uniqueness of the situation, which becomes a component of your awesome and perfect date. It is very difficult to determine what romanticism really is about and how to bring it to the relationship of two people. Being romantic allows you to break away from the gray reality, rest mentally, dream, and above all, awakens the feelings – we are the company and team who are fully capable of making all this come true. Here are our telephone and website – don’t hesitate to reach out to us and prepare for your fantastic date soon!
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